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Warmer weather is on the way and many homeowners are naturally starting to think more about how they could improve the look of their gardens and other outside areas.One option to consider is to create great visuals with backsplash tile made from glass, ceramic or marble.

From mosaic tiles to marble panels, there is a huge variety in the type of backsplash tiles to use outdoors. Many of the materials can withstand the elements, making them perfect for outside features. The cost will vary depending on the size of the design project and the type of material used, and the examples below show just some of the many ways to improve a home’s exterior.

Some homes have swimming pools and these areas will become more popular as the summer approaches. That means it’s important to make sure the pool looks it best. One way to achieve this goal is to use a crystallized glass mosaic tiles of the same-size squares in different shades of blue to line the pool, a color scheme that will reflect the natural light and make the pool inviting to anyone.

Even if a home doesn’t have a swimming pool, it can often have an outside shower or similar feature. Finding the right backsplash for these units can be just as important, as they can become a focal point of the garden. Marble tile is a good choice here, with one option being to use white marble backsplash tile with streaks of white and gold for a timeless, elegant shower wall.

Or perhaps the homeowners want a more exciting pattern to tile their outside shower. For example, use beige marble tile in a basket-weave pattern which – as the name suggests – means the cover of the tile is designed to look like the interwoven sides of a basket, creating an unusual but highly attractive look.

However, marble can sometimes be an expensive option for tiles, and lower-cost alternatives can work just as well for exterior projects. Ceramic is a perennially popular choice because of its affordable price, incredible strength, and its versatility of colors and designs.

A good way to use ceramic tile outside is with subway tile that is designed to evoke the plain rectangular panels that first gained popularity lining the subways of the early 1900’s in the United States. On a much smaller scale, white ceramic subway tile can create a classic appearance for an outside bathroom with its crisp and clean color that will look great all year round.

Yet another exterior feature that can benefit from backsplash tile are dining areas. Consider using glass tiles in same-sized squares in varying shades of gray, gold, and brown to create a backsplash that will provide a colorful complement to a large range of possible outside dining countertops.

Whatever type of stone or other material designers might want to use, the examples above show that there are many options for finding the right backsplash for an outside feature – whether it’s something major like covering a swimming pool, or a small backsplash on a countertop.